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Why is the Dyson hair dryer so expensive?

Speaking of the hair dryer, the black technology Dyson Supersonic, which is known as “do not hurt hair”, must be familiar to everyone. Many beauty bloggers have recommended it: not only the high value, but also the speed of drying the hair is very fast, and will not damage the hair, especially for those who often have to do hairstyle, it is not too suitable. Even in the background of the recent Wei Mi show, many models also use the Dyson hair dryer to make the shape. read more


Travel guide

In this article, I follow my travel habits, taking this trip to Mexico as an example. From the first step of planning a trip, from seven steps, how do I do travel planning and strategy?

This step is:

Step.1 Is this country suitable for you? read more

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Philips portable hanging machine to add extra points for your travel

In contemporary social life, the appropriate dress can not only bring out a person’s temperament and taste but also bring a kind of courtesy and respect for others. People’s basic requirements for clothing are neat, and wearing too many wrinkles will inevitably damage their personal image. This time you need an ironing product that allows the clothes to quickly and easily remove wrinkles and make the clothes look like new ones. Next, I would like to recommend a very good ironing product – Philips hang the hot machine. read more

Hanging machine

The portable hanging machine brings convenience for travel

Traveling is a very hard job, and the neat suit adds extra points to your spirits. When you travel, beautiful clothes give you an unforgettable journey. Clothing accompanied us through important travel meetings and beautiful mountains and rivers, but they themselves often “wrinkled” at the moment of “going out” of the suitcase. Whether it is taking part in activities or taking pictures, how can the important fashion moments make the clothes untidy? Don’t worry, a suitcase treasure will make you say goodbye to bad wrinkles. Philips hand-held steam ironing brush, small and light, but with enough steam, both value and strength online, it’s easy to become a star product, with efficient ironing, helping you keep the “clothing” percentage at all times! read more

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SYLPH Smart Portable Hair Dryer: A Mobile-Phone-Sized Hair Dryer

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, from Apple mobile phones to driverless, smart rice cookers to toilet lids, and have to admit that there are no innovative living items that can’t make consumers look at the crowd. The hair dryer, from its introduction to China, has been quietly accompanying us for more than 20 years. The hair dryer is a small household appliance with a high frequency of daily use. The user’s performance requirements are also higher and higher, but the requirements are mostly consistent – quick drying Portable, hair care, with the increasing number of people traveling abroad in recent years, portable hair dryers are also increasingly favored. SYLPH introduces its first portable hair dryer, featuring mini and portable. Based on the technology of the drone, SYLPH has newly upgraded the motor, fan blade and aerodynamic principle of the hair dryer, and opened the door of fashion technology with its own weight of 150g and super high value. SYLPH’s simple and beautiful design allows you to take where you want to go. At the same time, SYLPH has a super “blowing” that can quickly dry the hair. At the same time, SYLPH also has built-in intelligent temperature control technology to ensure that the temperature is suitable and will not burn your hair. Let’s take a look at this mini hair dryer. read more

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How to make hair grow faster

Many people with hair loss have this feeling, because they often stay up all night, work stress, smoking, drinking, spicy food, malnutrition, and other unhealthy habits, slowly find that their hair is particularly oily, feel thin and soft, head There are a lot of shavings, and there is a tendency for “the hair will never return”. This is because the hair loss gene in the hair follicle cells is activated by external stimulation, and hair loss begins to appear. Many people who have hair loss often say that “hair loss is easy, hair growth is difficult”, “a year of hair loss, ten years of hair”. But is hair growth really so difficult? In fact, it is not difficult, let’s take a look at the ways to make hair grow faster. read more